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Elite Buds BC is the leading and trusted online dispensary for cannabis connoisseurs. Being able to buy weed online in Canada is convenient, fast, and discrete. We work hard to bring you the best mail order marijuana and weed delivery service in Canada. We carry only top-graded flowers, edibles, premium concentrates, vapes, mushrooms, and many more. We have a huge selection of cannabis products to choose from so that you can find the right product to suit your individual needs and maximize your experience. Order cheap weed online from the comfort of your own home today!

Best Mail Order Marijuana

Todd Perkins
Always happy. Bought a half pound of Tom Ford Pink Kush and it is awsome as always. Even the free gifts of weed are top notch. Highly recommend these guys.
Kyle Dodge
Miracle Alien Cookies / EliteBudsBC / January 2023 This is my first purchase from this site so I was a little weary but turned out to be a very easy and satisfying purchase. The bud I received was just like the image on the site and smells wonderful. Definitely ordering again.
Jeff Vanderveen
Always great tasting flower, and fast delivery
Steve Robson
DEATH BUBBA/ELITEBUDSBC/JAN 2023: Hey folks!…Honestly I’ve been a satisfied, loyal and happy customer of Elite Buds for a long time!…During that time I have done plenty of research on where the best sites are online to purchase cannabis products…I’m always online at least twice a week or so searching for the best product at a fair reasonable price with of course a premier customer service team!…Well honestly so far there is no other option out there when it comes to online cannabis that measures up or even comes close to ELITE BUDS BC! Great selection of strains and grades with great prices and a customer service team led by Jess which is second to NONE!!! 👍 For anyone out there who wants to find the very BEST website/place there is to get the BEST deals, selection and service there is just NO equal to Elite Buds BC!!! Give them a try and I PROMISE you that WILL be with NO doubt a SATISFIED, REPEAT and LOYAL customer for SURE!!! 😎 Also attached is a pic of my latest purchase from January/23 which is still to this day an old “Stand-By” and one of my personal favorites “DEATH BUBBA!”… This strain from Elite is always a WINNER with it’s usual distinctive pungent aroma and smooth taste along with a nice and never overpowering BUZZ!!!…Take my word for it people and pardon the pun but this place is “DOPE!” when it comes to an online cannabis store!!!… Most Sincerely!!!… J. Steve Robson
Brenda Tolway
Great service, quick transactions, fast delivery, and great products!
Duncan and Cara Lamont
Always quick delivery and fantastic product. 👏
Jonathan Beaudin
Très bon site pour commander du bon weed
john karalekas
Great service quick delivery good product . Definitely will recommend.
savana gauthier
Incredible company great prices good product

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Can I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

Canada is a beautiful country and one with a long history of growing world-famous, award-winning cannabis. In 2018, the country legalized cannabis for recreational use. Today, it’s legal to order cannabis online in Canada. You’ll now find all the products you love available online, including premium strains, potent concentrates, and delicious edibles.

The Elite Buds BC Promise

The Elite Buds BC family has been working in the cannabis industry for decades. Our hands-on experience has taught us a lot about what makes a good bud. We use this insight and our passion for the plant to curate the
Elite Cannabis experience.

Only top-graded flowers, premium concentrates, and well-formulated edibles make the cut. Elite Buds BC is an affordable online dispensary for cannabis connoisseurs.

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