High-Quality Cannabis Vapes For Canadians!

Cannabis vape pens are an excellent option for anyone wanting to move away from smoking. Instead of putting flame to flower and inhaling smoke, vape pens are entirely smokeless.

Vape pens contain a small heating element to gently heats up a cannabis concentrate to vapourize cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapour cloud.

When shopping for vape pens online in Canada, you’ll need a battery pack and a concentrate-filled cartridge. The battery packs are typically rechargeable, which means reusable.

THC Distillate in Canada is one of the most common vape pen concentrates, but you can also find premium live resin, HCFSE concentrates, distillate D9, and rosin pens.

We know that when you buy cannabis pens online, you want to know they are clean, safe, and potent. Elitebudsbc puts all our vape pens through rigorous testing and analysis to ensure every product we carry meets our high standards.

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