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Elite Weed store

Mail Order Marijuana, Done Right.

Our team has been working in the cannabis industry long before 2018. We’ve been collectively honing our craft for decades, from the grow room to the dispensary to the bowl. We know what it takes to cultivate AAAA quality bud, and most importantly, how to best preserve those qualities through the supply chain. We pride ourselves on our eye for quality, flavour, and potency.

Canada's No. 1 Destination for Craft Cannabis.

We foster strong relationships across Canada with some of the country’s top producers. That means we have an ongoing resource of your favourite strains as well as the latest exotics. We also source the country’s best powerful concentrates, delicious edibles, tasty vape pens, and psychedelic mushrooms.
Elite Weed store

Going Beyond the Bud

Our team has a strong foundation in all-things-cannabis to go beyond the bud. Every product we carry has to meet our strict standards on purity, potency, and manufacturing methods. If it doesn’t pass our inspection, it doesn’t enter our inventory. We know that to be Canada’s best mail order marijuana dispensary, we have to have a high standard of quality.

Elite Buds BC is On a Quest to be the Best Online Weed Shop in Canada